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About X-Stats Live

X-Stats Live is a simple to use yet highly detailed website log analysis service.

Statistics are collected daily so that you can always see how your website is performing. These statistics can also help you to identify errors in your site, and to track visitors that are stealing your content (eg. linking directly to images on your site) or attempting to hack your site in other ways. You can see which pages your visitors are looking at, how long they spend on your site, which domain names they are visiting on, and who refered them. Also provided are details of which search engines have crawled your site, how often, and where you can get more information about them.

Webmasters will appreciate the summary of browsers and operating systems that their visitors are using, and the hour by hour breakdown of traffic (useful for assessing the best time of day to make changes to your site). The detailed browsers analysis will also help spot hackers and unofficial search engines that you may wish to block in your robots.txt file.





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